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Hi, I'm Conor and I'm a nomophobe

Hi, I'm Conor and I'm a nomophobe

Hi, I'm Conor and I'm a nomophobe

 - "Cuz, I think I've got severe nomophobia!!"

 - "Ha, told you, freak"

Thus started the recent conversation between myself my cousin, Patrick. He had been insisting to me for years that nomophobia was a 'thing' and it existed, which usually got a derisory retort from me ("Phoney, modern crap" to be precise).

So what is nomophobia? Well, at it's simplest, it's the fear surrounding the loss or impairment of your mobile phone. Or, to give it's official definition...

The Four Fears of Nomophobia

Do you have nomophobia? 


Sure, sure, we know you don't fear your phone. You're totally normal. You control your phone, not the other way round. Rrrrriiiiiiigghhht!!!

That's exactly what Conor thought until he had his Chief Brody moment. READ MORE...

So, we've developed a break-through online test to help people like you diagnose your nomophobic tendencies. **

Help is at hand: click the button below! Muuwhahaha!!!!

** Nomophobia tests developed by top scientists from the University of Sub-Saharan Antartica*** exclusively for

*** (Department of Penguin Sociology & Linguistics)