Diagnosis: You have a mild form of Nomophobia!

Bad news: you have it. Good news, you're like most people and are enjoying a healthy enough relationship with your little friend. You like having it in your life, but you have more power over it than it does over you. You are Christopher Walken, a future President of the United States or a Chancellor of a large Germanic nation!

Mel Gibson


  • You pick the time to play with the phone... well, most of the time.  
  • You generally appreciate the wonders of information and enjoyment that your mobile gives you, whether it's watching the last season of Homeland on the train home, or letting you talk to your family from anyplace in the world.
  • You've a good appreciation that using the phone or tablet can have bad consequences. Maybe by keeping you awake beyond your bed time. Or maybe by giving the NSA the opportunity to listen in on your calls to the local Indian takeaway for lamb murgha. 
  • Occasionally you get a little fussed when you can't find the phone where you thought you'd left it.


Recommended Treatments:

Keep the balance

You're doing ok but have occasional urges to fire your phone across the room... followed by pangs of guilt. Sounds like you just need to take a few extra precautions to help you stay the course. Take a look through our 'Face your Fears' sections to find useful tips on maintaining your levels of nomophobia.

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Test yourself occasionally

Like checking your blood pressure regularly, always keep an eye on your nomophobia using our self-diagnosis test anytime.