Diagnosis: You have a nomophobia!

Sorry if we're the first to tell you, but it looks like you're out-and-out nomophobic. Your mobile device is winning the tug of war; you fear being without the little fella more than you enjoy having it. You are the Kim Kardashian or the Brad Pitt of the nomophobic world! Hell, there's a bit of Miley Cyrus there too! (Oh well, could be worse, you could be chronic... you don't want to even see who's in that category!)

Mel Gibson


  • The device rarely leaves your hands
  • You cannot recall any family or friends' numbers from memory
  • At least twice you've have walked into someone or something while texting
  • When you arrive early for something, you immediately take out your phone
  • Your first reaction when you don't know the answer to a question about football or music amongst your friends is to pick up your phone to search the internat
  • You are almost always holding your the little brick of connectivity in your hand... sure it's not a comfort blanket, suuurrrrrre!
  • You sleep with your phone under or beside your pillow?? Ohh ohh, spaghettio!

Recommended Treatments:

Calm down, calm down: awareness

Breeeeeathhe. You need to start relearning to love your mobile. The relationship has gone a bit sour and you're more in fear of being without the handsome device than anything. That includes it becoming broken, it running out of power or reception, getting stolen or lost. First step is to admit to the Four Fears of Nomophobia. Only then can you take steps to overcome these fears and move forward on the path of a loving relationship with your mobile. And just so happens that we're building a fine catalogue of the Four Fears... start studying our practical tips under the 'Face your Fears' menu, above.


What better way to realise how serious your nomo is than by seeing examples of others at it. Bonus: they're usually humorous. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook as we publish as much laughter material as possible.

Test yourself

Remember, as you heal, you can always recheck your levels of nomophobia using our purpose-built, online test kit!!