Diagnosis: You have Chronic Nomophobia!

You are an out-and-out, full-blown nomophobe. We mean dotty, Mel-tastic, bat-sh*t crazy about the little device in your hand right now. You are the Mel Gibson, the Naomi Campbell, the Tom Cruise of the nomophobic world!

Mel Gibson


  • You look at your phone about every 2 minutes for new messages that you know just aren't there
  • You constantly scan rooms you enter for power sockets
  • You are almost always holding your the little brick of connectivity in your hand... sure it's not a comfort blanket, suuurrrrrre!
  • You sleep with your phone under or beside your pillow?? Ohh ohh, spaghettio!

Have you ever felt like a phone call that’s been disconnected...
— Shannen Doherty (at BrainyQuote)

(Ed: Ssssuuure Shannen, sure we have!)

Recommended Treatments:

Take steps to protect your little device

Start devoting yourself to the study of positive mobile use. You must study and implement all of the practical tips here on Nomophobia.com. Only then can you begin to turn the corner on your phone fear.


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Test yourself

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